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A Best-Selling Book by
Damita Jo Freeman

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My Story

This is my TRUE story, told my way. Told basically in my innovative, non-traditional way and style. I’ve never followed the so-called “norm”, so why start now—with this honest, closeup view of many details of my life. It is the basic story of the life I’ve lived: before Soul Train, during, and after. It’s told truthfully as I lived it. It includes the great times and great friendships I developed throughout the years, along with the wisdom and lessons I’ve learned. It is a story to make you smile as I stir up your own lovely memories of a time gone by—yet not forgotten.  


This book is dedicated to sharing stories and insight about me and my life that so many curious fans have inquired about throughout the years when they met me on the streets, at an event, or a local market. I dedicate this to you. Through this book, the intent of sharing my simple, yet magical life, is to also inspire and encourage others who may have big dreams, just like I had. I say to you: focus, prepare well, be fearless—and go for it! 

Don’t give up on your dreams!

-Damita Jo Freeman 

Dancer Jo Foundation


to Talented Young Dancers who are in eager pursuit of their dreams!

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Bernice Freeman is my mom and she believed in me following my dreams and passions. These scholarships provide opportunities for many gifted young people to follow their dreams and receive training in all forms of dance including Ballet, Modern, Tap, Traditional, and Street-Dance/Hip-Hop.

Please Donate $5-up to Support These Young Kids! - Damita Jo Freeman

My Books
In the press

"Damita's face is the one I remember most when first appeared on Soul Train. Her cherubic smile was so welcoming that I literally forgot that the kids had probably never heard the song I was performing. Since that time, Damita has choreographed routines to songs for a number of shows throughout the year. I'm so excited to read her recollections of those glorious years of Sooooooooul Train!" 


Grammy Award-Winning Singer

Are You That Girl On Soul Train?!

"My Life, My Story - Before, During & After The World's History-Making Show" - Vol. 1

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